Výměnné pobyty studentů

Isabel Redondo Vigil na job-shadowingu na naší škole

V týdnu od 30. 5. do 3. 6. 2022 jsme se mohli denně setkávat se španělskou učitelkou angličtiny z partnerské školy I.E.S Escultor Juan de Villanueva z Pola de Siero v Asturii.

Isabel přijela uskutečnit job-shadowing na naši školu v rámci evropského programu Erasmus+. Na závěr jejího pobytu s ní naše studentky udělaly rozhovor: 

A: How did you enjoy the week here?
I: Well, I feel really good, I enjoyed myself a lot, everything is new so I enjoyed new food, new people and new places.
A: You have visited many places here. What did you like the most?
I: Asturias is also very green, but I was impressed by your nature, mainly your mountains and your valleys. Moreover, the castle ruins (Hukvaldy) I visited were lovely.
A: Did you try any Czech food that impressed you?
I: I tried a lot of food but I don't remember the names, for example the fried cheese which is different but also the meat and different sauces. I learned about your Kofola, it was the first time I heard about that and it tastes nice.
E: And what do you think about our beer?
I: It's very nice. I tried a blond one and a dark one and they taste really good.
A: In your opinion, what are the major differences between Spanish and Czech students?
I: You are really well behaved because I saw that some students were not as interested as others were, but they didn't make noise, they just put their head on the table and that's all, they didn't bother the others. If this was Spain there would be much noisier, people would speak louder. Then I was surprised to see you stand up when your teachers get into the classroom. On the other hand, we don't have any free time between lessons.
A: Is there anything you would like to change about your school?
I: Well, for example I think it's a good idea to have some spare time between lessons. Our lessons last 55 minutes, but not really, because we have to move from class to class. I think we use the same methodology but your level in languages is higher. We have bilingual and non-bilingual groups, the bilingual students could be compared with yours but non-bilingual ones not so much.
E: What would you say is the biggest cultural difference?
I: Timetables, we usually dine at around 10 p.m. and your restaurants close at that time.
E: Do you think it's beneficial for students to participate in exchange programmes? 
I: Absolutely, you can improve your skills by talking with students from other countries, and different people can become friends. You see our partnership began with your maths teacher befriending my colleague in London.
A: Are you excited about the upcoming exchange event?
I: Sure, because I felt so welcome here, I don't know how to repay it. Students were so kind and I hope I'll meet you two again.
E: Is there anything you would like to say to our students or perhaps teachers? 
I: I want to thank everybody, I can't be thankful enough.
Alena Ficeková a Eva Šustaiová,4. A
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